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How to enable High Speed USB mode in MQX 4.0.0

Question asked by PRAMOD K. G. on Mar 9, 2015
Latest reply on May 11, 2015 by Reuben Noronha

Hi All,


I am working on K70 MCU on a custom board with MQX 4.0.0 and CW 5. I have implemented the SD card as Mass storage with the help of freescale examples. Now the problem I am facing is that slow data transfer rate between PC and device(~100kbps on windows and very slow on MAC pc). In order to improve the speed I tried to enable the USB HIGH SPEED mode in MQX 4.0.0 ( by defining HIGH_SPEED_DEVICE as 1 in usb_descripter.c ) but the code goes to despatch.s when I connected device to PC via USB. Please let me know how I can enable USB HIGH SPEED mode in MQX 4.0.0  without going to MQX 4.1. Because I found some difficulties while porting the code to 4.1, since have changed some bsp files.


I'd appreciate any information, thoughts, or ideas on how to implement this in MQX 4.0.