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Problem with  ADC on MC68HC908JL16

Discussion created by Marilena Nardelli on Oct 19, 2007
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Good morning!

To develope my project I'm using the emulator EML08JLJKE for the MCU MC68HC908JL16.
I have observed a wrong behavoir on two ADC channels (ADC12 and ADC9) specially when they work booth. On the signal is possible to see a spike, similar to capacitance's discharge, it is periodic, I think that the period is equal to the time used to come at the same instruction in the while for-ever loop.

I have setting the ADC module to work at bus frequency/8 (my bus frequency is 6MHz then the ADC clock frequency is 750KHz). I use single conversion mode, 10bit right justified with ADCSC write triggered mode enabled, long sample time configuration and obvious I have selected internal bus clock as the input source clock.
Every time I want read one channel, I set ADCSC register (ADCSC = channel_number) and when the flag COCO is set, I read the registers ADRH:ADRL.

I hope that the explanation is clear. Every suggestion is welcome, thanks.