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_asm directive in KDS

Question asked by Frank Bannon on Mar 9, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2015 by Frank Bannon

Hi everyone,


I am a noob with KDS and Kinetis MCU's.

I imported "hello world" examples for the FRDMKL26Z board and I am compiling.  I get a build error with the auto generated "Statup.c" code.  The complier is expecting an add'l "(" in the ASM directive, see below.

It appears that the statup.c code was imported from Keil and not specific to KDS and KDS doesn't like the syntax.  Any thoughts?



__asm void __thumb_startup(void)




  IMPORT __init_hardware


  IMPORT __main


  LDR R0, =__init_hardware


  BLX R0


  LDR R0, =__main


  BX R0