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CodeWarrior v6.3 without M52233 board to an open USB port on host PC.

Discussion created by Ken Lidman on Oct 19, 2007
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2007 by Dumitru Negrea
I'm a student taking a required lab class.  We have M5223 boards and are using CodeWarrior  v6.3.
I need help running the CodeWarrior software to run without the M52233 board on the USB port.  We have to write in assembly language by using asm() in C, then injecting assembly language code.
This runs great in the lab, but without a board plugged in I cannot even DEBUG a program I'm trying to write.
How can I get CW 6.3 to run assembly language code without the PBMSLK Project Board plugged in?
Thanks in advance,