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moving from coldfire v1 to kinetis k10

Question asked by Francisco Manuel Sánchez Gómez on Mar 9, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2015 by Gary Segal

Hi, I used Freescale microcontrollers in the past but after some years in the FPGAs world, now I'm a not very familiar with microcontrollers tools and compilers.


For an application I'm considering using the a MCF51JM, but after using the Freescale Solution Advisor, the Kinetis K Series look like to fit better my requirements.


What do I need to develop, debug and flash an application on a Kinetis K Series.

What compiler is most used for these Series? CodeWarrior or Kinetis Design Studio?

What's the license limitation for either CodeWarrior or Kinetis Design Studio?


In case of needing any hardware programmer / debugger, Is my old P&E USB Multilink debugger compatible with the Kinetis Series??


Cheers and thanks in advance.