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Compiler warning "... with braces is non-standard"

Question asked by Dominik Benz on Mar 9, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2015 by Dominik Benz


I transformed our CodeWarrior Classic Project to a eclipse based CodeWarrior 10.6 project. When I compile the project, the "new" compiler gives me >300 times the same warning message:


"initializing '__regabi void (*)()' with braces is non-standard"


on the following definition of a task in our own written little operating system:


BS_FCT_AppList_typ  ap_bag2_appDef =
  {InitFct},       // Pt to function - Task initialization function
  {TaskFct},    // Pt to function - Task function
  {50}              // Int - Task interval time


The problem seems to be the {} braces arround the point to function expressions an the int.


Does anybody know how to disable this warning?

I don't want to change any of our existing applications because of this small non-standard mistake.

I tried to disable all Warnings listed in "Tool Settings - ColdFire Compiler -> Warnings" without success...