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fsl_rtc... Why do not save time?

Question asked by Massimiliano Sturla on Mar 9, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2015 by Massimiliano Sturla

Hi to all.

I'm developing on K20; I use KDS 2.0.0

I use the RTC_LDD component for Real-Time-Clock without using KSDK (for K20 KSDK is not ready yet...).

I set via the time via my Firmware and I turn off my device for two days.... and turn on... It give me the correct date and time!

Now I try to use KSDK 1.1.0 setting K60 uP instead K20; all seems work correctly but fsl_rtc component don't work well...

For the first thing I see that If i do not explicit do this instruction:


    uint32_t rtcBaseAddr = g_rtcBaseAddr[FSL_RTCTIMER1];

    RTC_HAL_EnableCounter(rtcBaseAddr, true);


the automatic init procedure do not enable it automatically.


The second (and very big problem....) is that if I turn off and turn on my device it will lost my time!


I suppose that this component do not work right... what I can do for preserve my time during turn off?


Many thanks,