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Help to getting started with MMA8652 and MSP430G2553

Question asked by petrus6432 on Mar 7, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2015 by Tomas Vaverka

In my first trial with accelerometers, I just want to get a "Hello World" from an MMA8652 via I2C mastered from a MSP430G2553 which is into the ti launchpad (not Arduino). I've searched for information in the web and tried lots of examples but never got a response from the accelerometer.

In particular I took the examples for I2C communication that come with the Code Composer Studio, changing the slave address to the WHO_AM_I address (UCB0I2CSA = 0x0d) and I've also tried to read several other adresses.

Many blogs mention i2c.h library, but I couldn find it specifically for G2553 microprocessor, the examples into CCS don't use it. I've also read about wire.h, but I understand it is for Arduino board.

I've tried Mr. Kerry Wong examples, etc, etc, etc ... 


I used two accelerometers in two different boards and nothing, I don't actually know if they are alive.


Please I'm asking for a very basic working code example which gets a response from the accelerometer.


You can see into the image how I've connected the accelerometer to the launchpad (it is ok VCC=3.56V ?)


8652 to 2553.JPG.jpg

On the other hand I know that MSP430G2553 is working ok because I succesfully communicated it via i2c with other MSP430G2553.