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How to run a simple program on P4080DS Hypervisor

Question asked by Peter Zheng on Mar 7, 2015



I have successfully deployed Hypervisor in SDK 1.6 onto the P4080DS Board. When I boot up, it will show the terminal of Hypervisor like



The project I am doing now requires me to run some simple program, for example, "hello world", on P4080DS hypervisor to study the functions of hypervisor and feature of P4080DS, including

  1. Cache locking & Partitioning
  2. System partitioning
  3. Corenet Fabric partitioning (BUS)
  4. Core to DDR mapping (static).


In this case, I could not find documentation on how to compile and run such simple program on p4080DS hypervisor. Do I need to use Codewarrior for this purpose?


Thanks & Regards,

Peter Zheng