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MQX, changed processor package 100 -->80 pin

Question asked by Robert Lewis on Mar 6, 2015
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We were using the MK20DX256ZVLL10 (100 pin), now we have to use the MK20DX256VLK10 (80 pin) Kinetis with MQX


Our new board loads until it enters the bsp_init section then fails. In looking through the kinetis.h header file I note there is an apparent difference between PSP_CPU_MK20DX256Z and PSP_CPU_MK20DX256 for headers. I had (wrongly) assumed that same core, fewer pins nothing else changed. Actually we are building against PSP_CPU_MK40DX256Z because at the time we started there was no MK20DX bsp and FSL recommended the MK40256DX bsp as the only solution. So I am guessing we should switch to MK20DX256 now. The difference between the MK40DX AND MK20DX was the LCD controller was missing on the MK20DX and so it didn't matter since we weren't enabling the LCD.


Do we have to upgrade to 4.1.? to get the correct bsp & psp support packages? If not will just changing to PSP_CPU_MK20DX256 correct the problem. The reason I am asking is there doesn't seem to be a build based on pin count and core type so I am not sure that I am pursuing the correct path here.


Any suggestions would be welcome. Thank you.