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Update/Synch of project during generation of PE code fails if source files are ("heavily") linked

Question asked by Bjorn Hammarberg on Mar 6, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2015 by Carlos_Mendoza

In our product, we like to include the KSDK within the product folder for archiving/completion reasons. (To avoid confusion of which version is actually part of the build some five years down the line...)

With linking and version control it is possible to "include" the code without creating multiple copies of the same source components.


With Code Warrior, this was working like a charm but with KDS it doesn't work as smoothly.


The setup is like this:

* Product folder contains a KSDK folder anda KSDK_BUILD folder. The KSDK project for a particular board is kept within a KSDK_BUILD/mqx_frdmk22f folder.

* SDK path is set to ${ProjDirPath}/../../KSDK (To create the project, an absolute path must be given during creation and later changed to the relative path.)

* The project is created with linking to the KSDK. (Since the project was created using an absolute path, it must be changed manually to a relative path for all linked files.)


The problems are:

* A relative path is not possible to use when creating the Kinetis project

* During creation an absolute path must first be used and later changing this manually in the .project file and the PE settings

* After PE generation, there are a 100 or so errors complaining about missing links and such; they disappear by closing and opening the project.

* After re-opening the project, there are a few errors left concerning the newly added files as a result of adding a component in PE. These files were not added and must be linked manually.

* After adding the links, the Problems view still show the errors and the only(?) way to get rid of them is by selecting and deleting them in the view.


Would it be possible to get this kind of support in an KDS update soon? (As I said, all of this worked like a charm in Code Warrior.)