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debug break on ADC S08PT60

Question asked by Stefano De Blasiis on Mar 6, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2015 by Stefano De Blasiis

I use a S08PT60 with code warrior 10.6 and multilink pemicro debug

I use the ADC converter configured without interrupt (ADC_SC1 = 0b00000000;)


When the coco bit is set, i restart the conversion eith other channel :

  if (ADC_SC1_COCO)


    switch (ADC_SC1 & 0x1F)


      case 0:

        First = ADC_RL;

        ADC_SC1 = 1;



      case 1:

        Second = ADC_RL;

        ADC_SC1 = 0;            




When with cw, I suspend the excexution, the ADC crashes and the coco bit remain low.

When crash the ADC register value is the follow


ADC_SC1    0x01    0x0010   

ADC_SC2    0x08    0x0011   

ADC_SC3    0x00    0x0012   

ADC_SC4    0x00    0x0013   

ADC_RH    0x00    0x0014   

ADC_RL    0x39    0x0015   

ADC_CVH    0x00    0x0016   

ADC_CVL    0x00    0x0017   

ADC_APCTL1    0x03    0x30ac   

ADC_APCTL2    0xf0    0x30ad   



I have this problem only if break, without break all goes !


I would like to understand why, and fix this annoying problem