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IPC on B4860QDS faild to load SDOS image "error in init_hugetlb frm pre_load_B4"

Question asked by DO Tuan on Mar 6, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2015 by Bassem Scander



I try using IPC between PA and DSP on B4860QDS.

i'am using Freescale QoriQ SDK 1.6

and setup follow the IPC instruction in the QoriQ-SDK-1.6-IC-RevB.pdf (9.9 and 9.10)

Thank for held



root@b4860qds:/ipc# ./dsp_bt -h 1 -c 0 -i c0.bin

===B4860QDS DSP boot Application (3.0.0) ===


DSP PrivArea: Addr=80000000 Size=7ff00000

Shared CtrlArea: Addr=fff00000 Size=100000

DSP Core0 M2: Addr=0 Size=0

DSP Core1 M2: Addr=0 Size=0

DSP M3: Addr=c40000000 Size=8000

PA CCSRBAR: Addr =ffe000000 Size=1000000

DSP CCSRBAR: Addr =ffe000000 Size=1000000

shmget: Cannot allocate memory

error in init_hugetlb frm pre_load_B4