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Clearing MMA8652 Interrupts

Question asked by haroldmccabe on Mar 5, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2015 by haroldmccabe

I am working with an MMA8652 accelerometer. It generates a transient interrupt (in response to a tap) fine but I am unable to clear it, so it continues to interrupt.


I read the interrupt source register (0x0C), and then the transient source register (0x1E) following the interrupt. Then I re-read the interrupt source register: bit for transient interrupt still set. The datasheet and app notes say that reading the transient source register should clear the interrupt. When I read regs 0x0C and 0x1E they are always 0xFF after the initial interrupt. What am I missing?


Also, the datasheet seems to imply that the VDDIO is tied to VDD. Is this correct?