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MQX Debug tools only work once in KDS

Question asked by Enoch Lee on Mar 5, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2015 by Enoch Lee

I am using KDS for a project with a Kinetis MK10 on one version and a Kinetis MK12 on the other.


I am using KDS 2.0.0 with MQXLite 1.1.1 and a Segger J-link debugger. I have the MQX Task Aware Debugger for GDB installed and when I am debugging the application I can use the MQX views to see the task list, Kernal Data, Lightweight event status, stack usage etc.


However, this works on the first time I start a debug session. If I ever stop the debugger and terminate the session then start a new session, the views no longer work.


Stack usage displays: Stack usage information not found!

Task List: Task list not retrieved successfully!

and so on.


I have tried uninstalling the plug in and re-installing it though the update site with the same results.


Any insights would be great.