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Light Weight Semaphore

Question asked by Sneha Hegde on Mar 4, 2015



I am using the TWRK70F120M and the IAR compiler in my project and I am trying to save the screen calibration values into Flash. I have got two tasks , one of which is the PegTask in which the calibration screen values are initialised and the Main Task in which I am trying to write and read those values into Flash. In order to share the data between the two tasks, I am trying to use the light weight semaphore. But  once I read it from Flash, control gets into the MQX interrupt handler.

PFA the code for PegTouch Task. Also, I have attached the code where I am writing and reading the calibration values to and From Flash. Please let me know how this can be resolved.


Thanks and Regards,

Sneha Hegde


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