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CW 3.1 for HC(S)12 Dongle LED goes out!!

Discussion created by craig iannello on Oct 17, 2007
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2007 by craig iannello
Hello.  I have a node locked license of CW 3.1 for HC(s)12. 
Lately, the LED on my dongle has been going out, and CW will revert to demo mode.  If I unplug and replug the dongle, everything will work OK for maybe one or two more compile/debug cycles, but then the problem occurs all over again! 
I tried every USB port on my Dell Dimension 4700, but no luck. 
I also restored my license.dat file from a backup I made after just after activation just in case that file had been corrupted somehow, but no luck.
Also, I've tried about a dozen other USB devices with this PC, and they all work flawlessly!
I'm desperate! Please help!