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Problem with MC13213 initialization

Discussion created by Pedro Mietto on Oct 17, 2007
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2009 by Walter Torresani
Hi guys. I'm quite new to this forum, and I really hope you could help me here.
I'm developing a custom 802.15.4 solution, based on the 1321x-SRB reference, including schematic, layout and firmware. I'm using a MC13213 and loading the BeeKit PER firmware.
The problem I'm having here is that I can't get the CPU past the initialization routine, and using the BDM I can see that the CPU stays in this loop:
while(u8AttnIrq == FALSE)
        if(IRQFLAG == 1) {     
            /* Check to see if IRQ is asserted */
            u16IrqReg = SPIDrvRead(0x24);   /*
                                             * Clear MC13192 interrupts and 
                                             * check for ATTN IRQ from 13192
            u16IrqReg &= 0x400;
            if(u16IrqReg == 0)
                u8AttnIrq = FALSE;
                u8AttnIrq = TRUE;
More specifically, the IRQFLAG never gets asserted by the hardware, and that locks the program forever.
I searched here for solution, and I found people having the exactly same problem, and it was related to soldering issues. I'd like to know if you had this problem and found another solution, or maybe if you could direct me, or try to explain when this flag gets asserted and why it's not working properly.
Here we have an x-ray machine and it really helps in finding soldering issues, but even with that, sometimes you can't be 100% sure. This a very annoying IC to deal with.......
I could upload the schematic, but it's exactly the same as another board we've designed here.
Another thing I saw here is a problem concerning the crystal. I'm using one that certainly has a load capacitance above the 9pF required, but I already sucessfully used this component on another board, with MC13213. Is it possible that with a little different layout it stops working?