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IMX53 u-boot from NAND, how to debug with lauterbach

Question asked by Cristian Sicilia on Mar 4, 2015
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I have a IMX53 board, based on loco with a NAND.


I need to boot from NAND, but have some problem, and it don't work.


I would try to debug IMX ROM Bootloader with lauterbah due to verify if the NAND work good or there are some compatibility issue, (I know that it work good on linux, because starting from SD, I can use NAND as rootfs, etc).


There is something that help to do this operation? (like some source to load, the starting address, .. anything that help, I'm really frustrated about that).


My issue is explained here:

IMX53 Loco based board with MT29F8G08ABABA as NFC 8bit

and this is a really similar issue:

How to boot i.MX53 from Nand?