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Did anyone successfully debug an iMX6 with DCache enabled using Lauterbach debugger

Question asked by Frank Manig on Mar 3, 2015
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I try to debug some application running on iMX6 using a Lauterbach Debugger. This all works quite well, as long as the DCache is disabled. When enabled I'm getting spurious hangs of the debugger with the error message 'bus error generated by CPU' which seams to come from the debugger accessing some memory locations with the access going through the DCache.

When the DCache is enabled by the running application, sometimes after a break I'm able to step some instructions before the debugger hangs, but sometimes it hangs immediately after break or even during execution.

I also did some tests maually enabling the DCache via debugger with no program loaded but the ROM-code executing and had the same behaviour. Only when I list the code bypassing any caches by adding the memory class NC ('Data.List NC:r(PC)') I can successfully step through the code after DCache is enabled.

But anyway that doesn't help because 1st I also want to see memory as being modified in cache and 2nd when reading the PageTable via 'MMU.List PageTable' I can't apply the NC memory class either and thus I definately get the debugger hang when DCache is enabled.


Has somebody faced the same problem already and maybe a solution?