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eQADC External Trigger using eMIOS - MPC5674F

Question asked by Mar Jal on Mar 3, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2016 by Sneha Kalkhair



We are working on eQADC for MPC5674F. the purpose is to trigger the ADC conversion with the Flag of the eMios Channel 23 configured on Modulus Counter mode.


All the ADC configuration is done correctly and when the eMios23 is configured on Output PWM mode the trigger works perfectly and a conversion is made on every set of the eMios23 Flag.

However, once configured on modulus counter mode, the eMios23 Flag does not trigger the ADC conversion anymore.

Is the emios external trigger is considered only if the channel is configured in one of the output modes ?

Else, is there an extra configuration to be made to make the trigger work even in modulus counter mode ?


Thank you in advance.