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ADC channel initialization not competed when using fsl_adc16 component?

Question asked by Wang Walter on Mar 3, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2015 by Wang Walter

I'm using KDS2.0 and KSDK 1.1.1, my project with KSDK and PE enabled for FRDM-K22F platform.


After adding fsl_adc16 component to my project, I configured 3 channels in Channel configurations of "Property" page in Component inspector and enabled Auto-initialization.

However, after code generation, I look into the function Components_Init(void) in Cpu.c, only found codes below generated:


  /*! ADC0 Auto initialization start */

  ADC16_DRV_Init(FSL_ADC0, &ADC0_InitConfig0);

  ADC16_DRV_ConfigConvChn(FSL_ADC0, 0U, &ADC0_ChnConfig0);

  /*! ADC0 Auto initialization end */


Looks only 1 channel has been initialized. But actually 3 channels defined in this fsl_adc16 component, and I can find 3 structures in ADC0.c respectively, e.g. ADC0_ChnConfig0, ADC0_ChnConfig1 and ADC0_ChnConfig2.


Is this a bug of fsl_adc16? Or need further settings?