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P&E Coldfire multilink and CW 10.5

Question asked by Gaetano Anania on Mar 2, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2015 by Gaetano Anania

Hi all,

I am using the coldfire MCF54415 , CW 10.5 and the debugger P&E Coldfire multilink (its version is really old) .

So far ,I haven't been able to programm my coldfire . An error occurs during the flashing of the firmware. The debugger is able to erase the memory but when it tries to write early the process is stopped .

The error is " Loss communication ......"

Do you have any advices that could help me? And in addition what are the different between P&E Coldfire multilink and P&E Multilink?

When I made a new coldfire project I didn't find the P&E Coldfire multilink but just P&E Multilink. Is it the same?

Thanks in advance.