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Question asked by Adrian Rockall on Mar 2, 2015
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I'm not sure if this is the correct place to ask as the problem covers the KSDK, Processor Expert and MQX.


I have created an IAR project for the K64F120m processor with Processor Expert using the KDSK 1.1 and MQX full. The project is now running on my hardware but the TAD plugin is not providing any information.

The MQX and RTCS menu item appear but nearly all the menu items are disabled. The MQX TAD option is selected in the IAR project debug plugins.


The Check for errors provide the following information: (unfortunately no copy function)

TAD Data Valid? No

Yes to most other lines including Kernel Data Found, Kernel Data valid , MQX init found.

TAD Path Available? No

MQX MEM Range OK? No

MQX Task Created? No

Process Running? No.


The TAD plugin is 4.7.3 in the IAR folder. This works fine for old MQX 4.1 projects and also for the sample KSDK + MQX sdcard project so I am guessing the project created by Processor Expert is missing something.

The KSDK documentation shows a sub folder in the tools folder that contains the TAD but that is not on my PC.


Is there a new TAD for use with the KSDK + MQX?

Do I have to setup anything else in PE to make the TAD work?

Are there any other settings in the KSDK that need to be set to get the TAD to work?

Are there any other settings in the IAR project that are needed?


Thanks for any assistance,