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P&E Micro Multilink Universal FX - Constantly Fails!

Question asked by Joseph Kissell on Mar 1, 2015

I'm using the P&E Multilink Universal FX Rev B with a MC13213 MCU (HCS08) via

CodeWarrior 10.6 on a Windows 7 64-bit machine.


Usually works on my first attempt, but often (say about 80%) fails when trying to re-download to the target.

When this happens, I have to close CodeWarrior, unplug power from my target, and

disconnect the USB cable before this programmer will work a 2nd time.


Once the problem occurs, it can take 2-5 iterations of this process in order to program my MCU again!


I'm am constantly getting failures that say

"Failed to resume target process.

  Downloading binary to target..."


Has anyone seen this or know what the fix might be?


Note: I've tried a 2nd Windows 7 64-bit PC with the same results.

Note: One of these PCs has already been successfully working with the maroon colored P&E Micro programmer.