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Does exist a GNU Toolchain for Coldfire V2 to be integrated with CodeWarrior

Question asked by Pablo Montalti on Feb 28, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2015 by Pablo Montalti

Hi everyone, I´m starting a new project in a job where they have a PCB with a MCF52259, this is a Coldfire V2 MCU, and we are using a Multilink Universal BDM as debbugguing inteface. We are discussing if we buy a comercial License to use the CodeWarrior integrated-licenced toolchain or if we go out to find a GNU toolchain and reduce the cost of the licence (probably increasing development time).

Until now, I´ve seen that nobody has a clear answer to this. I´m specially looking foward to avoid dead-time trying to setup/integrate all the GNU toolchain and specially I´m looking foward to use GDB (again, avoiding dead-time or failing in the attempt).


I´m using CodeWarrior 10.6 running on Win7-64bits.


Have anybody tried something like this before?


As a comment, It´s late to change to Kinetis (GNU Oriented), but probably will be the consideration for the next project.