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Memory problems when refreshing web page multiple times

Question asked by Eugene Ryabtsev on Feb 27, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2015 by Eugene Ryabtsev

I use FSLMQXOS_4_1_2_Vybrid and a Vybrid board. I start RTCS (...blah-blah-blah... _RTCS_socket_part_max = 8 ...blah-blah-blah...), bind interfaces, do HTTPSRV_init (...blah-blah-blah... max_ses = 8 ...blah-blah-blah...), open a web page and start hitting "refresh". After some continuing refreshing, the system starts to have all sorts of problems (ways beyond a simple refusal to continue to serve the pages; a crash beyond the ability to debug it is not uncommon). I see that quite a lot of memory is consumed by TCP sockets that are not quite sockets (see the attachment).


I have two questions with regard to this:

1. Is it only me or there are indeed crash-size problems with hitting an out-of-memory memory condition?

2. How to really limit the memory usage of TCP stack?

3. And a final, theoretical, question: do sockets with no data to send and no handle to send it through and in a "Time Wait" condition have to retain their full Rx/Tx Window buffers?