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MPC8555 UART Starting Problem

Question asked by Mrityunjoy Biswas on Feb 27, 2015

Hello Every one,

I want to develop some stand alone device driver for MPC-8555 processor. With Linux OS it is working fine. I have the .cfg file for my customized board. Now One transceiver(isl-3332-33) chip is connected for this serial communication. I am using code warrior V8.8. I selected one new project and I integrated Example from C:\Program Files\Freescale\CodeWarrior PA V8.8\PowerPC_EABI_Tools\CodeWarriorTRK\Transport\processor\ppc\serial\8555_cds_serial. The code is compiling and building. But some point I am not able to get clear idea.


1. For Serial Transceiver one Loop back signal is connected with PB19 to the MPC8555. Is it possible enable and disable the Bit/Port Pin from code Warrior code directly?

2. If it is possible where to set the Port register configuration (Like PODRx, PDIRx etc) values and Data R/W for the Port. (means in .cfg file or in main function or some other location in my code warrior project).

3. My customized board configuration is almost matching 8541 Board if any code snippets for UART are available please provide it to me.


Thanking you,

Mrityunjoy Biswas