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in KDS2.0,  configurate "read-only" , while after debug ,it have no effect

Question asked by fan xy on Feb 27, 2015
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I use KDS2.0, kl26z128vlh4 mcu, create a PE project , recofiguration the "Processor Expert.ld" file , build .debug, it can work well.


Then i save it to other place, then copy it under my kds workspace ,open it . build , while , when debug, the "Processor Expert.ld" file changed,

i'm sure i select the "read-only" configuration of the "Processor Expert.ld" file .

Please see the screenshot,  and tell me how should i do to enable the file do not changed .


before debug , it like this :

after debug , it like this :



I configurate the file to "read only" :



Thank you !