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K64 Ethernet problem

Question asked by Anders Bergström on Feb 27, 2015



I found the forum very helpful so i might as well try the luck again.

We are using KSDK with FreeRTOS 8.1.2 and LWIP 1.4.1 on a K64.The HW Ethernet solution the same as in the tower solution.


The Ethernet connectetion are currently working without problems, however the TCP/IP messages takes to long time.

Round trip delay might be up to 2000 ms and sometimes messages needs to be resent.


Im not sure if there are messages lost. We are not sending a lot of traffic so we don´t think it will a result of that.

If we use the RTOS to get the CPU usage, it indicates that the IDLE-task uses 98 %  of the system.


I have tried the following without result.

- Changed interrupt/ task priorities to see if this affect the timing. ( No result. )

- Changed buffer sizes in the LWIP condiguration ( No result. )

- Turning on the debugging messages in the LWIP-stack ( No result. )

- Measuring the time from where the message is received in the application layer to the time the message is sent: 300 us.

- I have tried to change configuration settings in the IP-stack; for example turning of MEMP_SANITY_CHECK.

- Disabling ALL code without the Ethernet communication. ( No result )


I have attached the LWIP configuration file as well as the FreeRTOS configuration file.


Worth to mention is that the application is ported to a K64 and was working without this problem before the porting.

The configuration files are based upon the old configuration.


Best regards,


/ Anders

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