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BDM trouble on 9S12XD256 with CW12_V4_6

Question asked by Al Ciplickas on Oct 17, 2007
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2007 by Al Ciplickas
I'm using P&E's MultiLink cable on a 9S12XD part and got the latest CW 4.6 downloaded and installed. It started working as expected for about 3 days. Then, for some unknown set of events, when I got into debug and press the Start/Continue icon, it runs for about 1 sec and stops at an instruction. Pressing the icon does the same: runs a few instructions and stops. By 'stops' I mean it seems to hit a breakpoint or some kind of internal trigger that I haven't set. I can't find the cause. Tried reinstalling it, and the same thing happens. Have not tried to completely uninstall and download again because that takes a long time.

Does anyone have a hint what is causing this behavior? Should I be asking on the hardware forum?