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K22F DSPI Success from PEx

Question asked by Tharon Hall on Feb 26, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2015 by Tharon Hall

I have some "sort of" working code for the K22F generated from PEx. There is an unusually LONG gap between byte transmissions, even though I add a very short delay to allow the transmission to go in the event of a non-blocking SPI transfer, or even if I just call back-to-back blocking SPI transfers. I noticed that the API has calls to set up various timing parameters that I don't see in PEx, which makes we wonder if some hand manipulation is necessary.


Has anyone had success with the DSPI driver with the K22F from PEx? Is it possible that it is not fully supported? Should I just set everything up by hand?


If anyone could point to some good, working example code, either PEx or non-PEx, it would be greatly appreciated. I am terribly behind on my progress and in trouble at this point. My biggest problem is time and other competing projects.