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Issue with TWRK70F120M

Question asked by Sneha Hegde on Feb 26, 2015
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I have two queries regarding K70 tower board.



1.       I am using K70 tower board and MQX 4.0 for developing my application. I using PE Micro Multilink Debugger to load the program to tower board. Now I have a customized prototype board when I try to load my program the program goes and gets stuck in "boot.s" file.

Kindly tell me if any changes are required for my code to be loaded into the prototype board?


2.       I'm also trying to load the demo program which is present the mentioned path "\Freescale_MQX_4_0\mqx\examples\hello\iar\hello_twrk70f120m".


When I load the above demo program into SRAM of MCU of the prototype board the program is working fine, but when I load the program into DDR DRAM of the MCU, the CPU is getting reset.


Can you please help me identify the issue at hand? Thanks in advance.


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