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How to integrate 3G module with SGTL5000 codec on IMX6?

Question asked by Yiling Lin on Feb 25, 2015

Hi, we are on a project trying to integrate 3G module on IMX6 platform for telephony function in Android 4.2.2.


Although we have succeed receiving and sending calls, there will be 2 pairs audio-in and audio-out at our system.

One pair is speaker and mic which are all functional through SGTL5000 in Android OS,

and the other one is headphone and mic connecting to the 3G module.


We are thinking to keep only one pair of audio-in and out.

To be more specific, we want to use the same mic and speaker for sgtl5000 and the 3G module when calling.


We understand that the work includes HW and SW efforts.

Right now we have solution on HW circuit linking the corresponding Line-IN and Line-OUT pins on 3G module and SGTL5000.

However, we have problem on how to select the audio route in Android OS when calls coming in.


I am wondering if you have encountered similar situation.

Any suggestion will be appreciated, thanks!