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Beginner question on K64F Flash memory

Question asked by Rinoa Harasashi on Feb 25, 2015
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I am a beginner studying how to use the K64F. I would like to write some data into the non volatile memory, so that when I restart the board, the data would still be there. I was already able to run the flash demo which came with the SDK (I am using KDS). I guess I would have to use  FlashProgram, like


    ret = FlashProgram(&flashSSDConfig, destination, PGM_SIZE_BYTE, DataArray, g_FlashLaunchCommand);


However, what would be a valid value for the destination? Is there any documentation which says which part of the memory I should use for storing my data? Also I noticed that the K64F has no DFlash, does that mean that arbitrary data cannot be stored in the flash memory, only the program itself?


Thanks! ^_^