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Touchpannel calibration with SPI based ADS7846 touch controller in Wandboard Quad!

Question asked by Mandar Khire on Feb 25, 2015
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This is my first discussion in this community forum.

I am using Wandboard-Quad Revision C1.

OS:- Android 4.4.2

Kernel version:- 3.0.35

I am trying to use LCD which made by KYOCERA Industrial Ceramics Corporation - Display Division.

Product code is 'T-55343GD035JU-LW-AEN'


I found datasheet by following Link:-


For touch panel i use ADS7846 TOUCH SCREEN CONTROLLER which found at,

By technical documentation

Its 16,14,12,15 no.pins i connect to Wandboard's Carrier boards JP4 11,7,9,13 respectively by using one custom extension PCB which used between Wandboard & LCD.


All other details in following link where i asked question in Wandboard forum:-

Wandboard Discussion Forums • View topic - How to use ADS7846 Driver for Touch panel?


In this forum i want to ask,

I detect getevent, i can see .idc file in Android, i can see 'interrupt count increases for ADS7846'.

Now what should i do so when i touch, display also respond as our Android mobile respond when we touch?

Need Help.