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P-flash protected but PE Multilink is still erasing it

Question asked by Suman Motaparthy on Feb 25, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2015 by ZhangJennie


    I am using K20 series of micro controller. I intend to develop a bootloader code and application code. The bootloader code is downloaded using PE Micro Multilink USB Debugger. The p-flash region(0x0000 - 0x3FFF) has been set to protected region.


I then downloaded the Application layer started from 0x4000 and intended to debug it using PE debugger. However, I have not noticed that while downloading, the bootloader code (0x0000 - 0x3FFF) has been erased. Why and how is PE debugger still able to erase the flash region.


I am using PE for generating my linker file(s).


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