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CAN issue in K60

Question asked by Akhil M V on Feb 25, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2015 by Akhil M V

Hi all,

We have some issues in data transmission via CAN module. During long run, some data packets are missing. That is, sometimes the data reception/transmission is failing.

Other details are given below:

Controller: K60

OS: MQX 4.0.2

Scheduling: FIFO

CAN RX and TX task priority : 7

Main Task Priority: 9

Other tasks Priority: 8

Same ISR for both TX and RX.

Note: We are transmitting large amount of data via CAN.


We have noticed, FLEXCAN_Tx_message function unlocks the message buffer( temp16 = can_reg_ptr->TIMER ) . But in data sheet it is documented that "the locking mechanism only applies to Rx MBs". Is there any issue with this implementation?

Also we have noticed that the priority value of CAN RX/TX ISR(retrieved using the function _task_get_priority ) is same as that of the main task. So we would like to know the priority value, if there any, of the ISR. Is priority difference causing the CAN issue?

Please share your comments on this random CAN issue. We would like to figure out the root cause of this CAN issue ASAP. Please help us.