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HCS12X Flexray Starter Kit - Connecting to Flexcard

Discussion created by somers brian on Oct 16, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2007 by Renato Santoro

I am currently using the flexray starter kit based on the MC9S12XDP512 and the 4300 Daughter card. I have Flexray up and running using the application example which came with the kit, and can see the data through the FREEMaster software. I am now trying to use a Flexcard (Cyclone by TZM) and CANalyzer to monitor the traffic on the network. I have already tried to edit the config file using the data in the user guide for the application example, but cannot maintain synchronisation with the flexray network. Has anyone here used CANalyzer to minitor Flexray before? Is there a config file that I could use for this?

I have used CANalyzer to connect to the CAN nodes on the starter kit, and have found that the documented information for the CAN example was incorrect. Its for this reason that I would like to get a config file for CANalyzer that is known to work with the starter kits and Flexray application example. Any help you have on this would be much appreciated