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Cylcone MAX programming issues CW10.6 MCF52259

Question asked by Carl Norman on Feb 24, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2015 by Carl Norman

I am a long time CW + MQX developer (7 Years), and have never been close to happy with the tool chain but I have managed to work around all the issues. I have started having major issues since porting to MQX4.1.1 and CW10.6.


I have installed the latest CW10.6, but the updates don't work, every time it reminds me ot update, it fails with a hash error at the end. I am use to this sort of issue is its typical of everything from Freescale not to work at all, I just grow tired of constantly working around everything to find ways to make it work. This is just a side note to my real issue.


I use the Cyclone MAX, usually on USB, but after using this for years, its just failing constantly and causing either CW requiring restarts, or, my entire computer restart. Its never been code, but CW10.2 was much better than 10.6. Note; Cyclone supplied "Image manager, image creation tool, and the programmer itself are perfect, we use them for production and never have issues with creating images, burning images etc.


Some common issue:

1. CW saying it cant debug two applications at one time, even though 100% there is nothing being debugged. This usually happens after an exception during programming (something is unhandled, and does not release?)

2. Why are the target tasks continually added? I have a HUGE list of target tasks? Wtf? My Target task list is huge. Ultra confusing to understand what is happening here. And the concept of how they work, wow, talk about a strange set up.

3. Usually I get CDI CGI or something come up (I stopped reading it, cant remember what exactly it is, but now it wont do it so I have no idea, ill post again if it happens. Often when this happens I have to restart my computer completely, nothing will fix this (sometimes changing TCP / USB works, sometimes not). There seems to be a lot of unhandled exceptions or code not returning correct within the debug intergace with Cylcone.

4.I get this error when trying to program.

Failed to resume target process.

The Get Flash Device ID Command failed. Flash driver reports the following error(s): The flash device algorithm was interrupted during execution.

Please check if the flash base address is correct or if there are any flash devices mapped inside the selected memory space.

If a custom target initialization file was used then check the following parameters: flash base address, flash bank size and flash bank port size.

Please enable Verify Target Memory Writes in Target Configuration to check that the algorithm downloads correctly. If you are downloading the algorithm to DDR try checking your DDR configuration.


The entire system is not correctly design from a fundmental level. The developers should check out the Cyclone image creation tool. Every single thing is on one page, everything can be done here. in CW its a mess, little handles everywhere.


Ok so I have finished my rant, I came in this morning after leaving my computer off all night and its working again... ahhh the magic of CW.