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cannot perform mass erasing for secured MKE02Z64 via SWD

Question asked by Jumbler Chi on Feb 24, 2015
Latest reply on May 5, 2015 by PatriciaTeran

Hi All:

   I am a newbie for MCU/SWD programming.

   Currently, I encounter a problem about mass erasing for secured MKE02Z64 via SWD.

I perform unsecuring steps by following the steps of section in KE02 sub-family reference manual as followings.


1. Reset the device by asserting RESET pin or DAP_CTRL[3].

2. Set DAP_CTRL[0] bit to invoke debug mass erase via SWD Functional description

3. Release reset by deasserting RESET pin or DAP_CTRL[3] bit via SWD.

4. Wait till DAP_CTRL[0] bit is cleared ( After mass erase completes, DAP_CTRL[0]

bit is cleared automatically). At this time, CPU will be in hold state, MASS erase is

completed, and the device is in unsecure state (flash security byte in flash

configuration field is programmed with 0xFE) .

5. Reset the device.


After performing step 1 ~ 3, I still cannot wait for the DAP_CTRL[0] bit is cleared.

I don't know whether I miss something in the steps.

Does the DAP_CTRL[0] bit mean MDM-AP control register bit 0 ?

If not, how can I get the DAP_CTRL[0] bit ?


Thanks for your help ~