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Anyone else having issues with KDS 2.0.0 and importing example projects?

Question asked by dave408 on Feb 24, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2015 by dave408

Last year I was playing with KDS 1.1.0, and I created a walkthrough for the httpsrv example to help others get going with the K64F.  I'm now at a point with my project where I'm going to really start spending time with KDS, and the first thing I did was to upgrade to KDS 2.0.0, as well as KSDK 1.1.0. Unfortunately, I am not having much luck with the httpsrv example, specifically in the scenario where I am copying the example via Import into a different folder location.


When I do this, it seems that all of the dependency paths get mixed up.  For example:



See all of the ../?  There are way too many, and since my actual project directory is in a different branch of folders, there's no way to get to the necessary files from there.


First, it should be ${KSDK_PATH}, not ${ProjDirPath}/../../....  In addition, during the installation of KSDK, it asked me if I wanted to update the KSDK_PATH with the new folder location, and I said yes.  But it didn't and the old path remained.  Third, none of the Source files get copied over, so they have to be manually copied and added to the project.  There are probably more, and if it's really confusing I will release a new walkthrough document once I have the sample working.


Just thought I'd give everyone and ChrisTango a heads-up, and also I'm interested if anyone else has had a similar experience, or if this is somehow user error.