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K60+TWR_LCD with 8-bit Flexbus interface

Question asked by vanaja gujjala on Feb 24, 2015
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     This is vanaja. I am doing K60-120MHZ Tower kit + 3.2'inch TWR_LCD with flexbus interface in 8-bit mode.previously I worked with K60-120MHZ Tower kit + 3.2'inch TWR_LCD  flexbus in 16-bit mode ,it is working fine but, it is not working in 8-bit mode means nothing on Display.What is the problem?any body explain about Flexbus 8-bit mode for TWR_LCD?


                    SW1-DIP1     -     ON

                            DIP2     -     ON

                            DIP3     -     ON

                            DIP4     -     ON

                            DIP5     -     ON

                            DIP6     -     ON

                            DIP7     -     ON

                            DIP8     -     OFF

     This is the switch setting for 8-bit mode.