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MMA8652 not recognized using LFSTBUSB

Question asked by Enrique Montero on Feb 23, 2015
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Sensor Toolbox doesn't recognize MMA8652FC nor MMA8653FC connected to my PC using LFSTBEB865x and LFSTBUSB. Sensor Toolbox is showing ""Finding HW, Please plug in the board. Scanning port:COM19".

I already have read the AN4085 "Tips for troubleshooting the MMA865x/MMA845x/MMA8491 Sensor Toolbox Communication Issues"

I verified the correct FTDI driver installation.

Using HyperTerminal and Hercules I don't receive any respond from the board when sending "[Space]i[Enter]".


Basically, I experience the same problem posted here Freescale's sensor (accelerometer) kit issue

But I couldn´t find the s19 file for MMA8652FC under Sensor Toolbox\Bootloaders folder. Using MMA8450Bootloader.s19 will work?

Any help will be appreciated!

I'm running Windows 7 Home Basic 64x