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About alpha channel in IMX6q

Question asked by Tony Guo on Feb 23, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2015 by Bio_TICFSL

I am working on IMX6q recently. We do not have XWindow in the device. Neither do we have a GUI platform like Android.

Based on this, we plan to choose Qt5 as the UI library and eglfs as the window plugin.

But I met an issue in the following scenario:

1. I used gstreamer playbin2 to play an ad media file in the device;

2. I launched a UI, made of Qt5, for playback purpose.

Each one of them works well. But when I run them both, the screen flicker much!

I did some research in internet. Some thread suggest that output the video to /dev/fb0 and output the UI to /dev/fb1, then set global channel to fb1. So that they can work fine together. Like:

enable/disable local alpha and global alpha -blog archive


I investigated the source code of vivante gpu driver, but default, /dev/fb0 was the output device.

How can I set up the environment to make my UI working well with video? Do I need to change and re-compile gpu driver?

Any help is appreciated in advance.


OS: embedded Linux

UI: Qt5 application

Video: GStreamer pipeline (playbin2)

GPU: vivante