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Sololite EVK  imx-android-13.5.0, KitKat Support

Question asked by Nicholas Saulnier on Feb 23, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2015 by Nicholas Saulnier

Hello All,


I am developing an eReader based on the Sololite EVK. I am currently trying to get Freescale's EPD daughter board to work with the EVK. My customer prefers a recent OS.


1) gusarambula mentions here (Kitkat support for EPD in i.mx6slevk) that the last version of Android to explicitly support EPD was 4.0.4, but that there should be a way to enable EPD support in Android 4.4.2. The bootargs used by Android 4.0.4 are not enough to enable that support; can anyone tell me the specific steps I need to take to enable EPD support for Android KitKat?


2) I cannot build Android 4.0.4 for the Sololite EVK without imx-android-13.5.0-ga.tar.gz, which I cannot find. Yuri Muhin mentions here (Can't find imx-android-13.5.0-ga.tar.gz) that the file still exists. Could someone point me to its location?


Thank you so much for your help,