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Where are the IO Models corresponding the Slew Rate Control Register SRCR_x ( MCF5441x)

Question asked by Robert N on Feb 23, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2015 by Robert N

Looking at the SR Control register let's assume, that there were 4 different IBIS IO Models to simulate different slew rates  within a given voltage rail lets say 3.3V

In the Ibis Model the Model Selector pad_fsr does only support Models  for the voltages 1.8, 2,5 and 3,3V

How can Slew Rate control be established in simulation within the supported IBIS IO's / Model Selectors in the ibis File. Typycally these Models were expected whithin the default Model Selector pad_fsr

I've seen there were pad_msr and pad_ssr  Model Selectors available but I haven't found a hint that these can be used for the physical Pin F3 also.


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