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Qt on IPU graphics plane for iMX6q

Question asked by Andrea Tessadri on Feb 23, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2015 by jamesbone
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   I am using an iMX6q processor with 2 IPUs, both able to handle 2 different flows video+graphics for each IPU.

Since I have 2 cameras, I thought to use /dev/fb0 (BG) for one and /dev/fb1 (FG) for another on the same IPU in order to have 2 live images rendered on the screen

Looking at DMA channels I have:

- channel 23 going to display (background) /dev/fb0

- channel 27 going to display (foregraound) /dev/fb1

The 2 flows coming from the cameras are:

- channel 11 going to IC and then to channel 23

- channel 12 going to IC and then to channel 27


By the way, I would like also to put some graphics elements made with Qt 5.4.0

Since flows coming from the camera can also accept graphics planes (channels 14 and 15) I am wondering how to make Qt (or eglfs driver or ... maybe ... linuxfb driver) able to render graphics on that planes.


Thank you in advance