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I refere to this Freescale file relating a so called "Digibutle kit" hardware platform ...


... and there in page 2 of 6  ...


"Compilation and (re)flashing the MCF52231 requires

CodeWarrior Development Studio for Coldfire Architectures, v. 6.3.

CodeWarrior is an integrated development environment which includes a project manager, editor, compiler and debugger.

Version 6.3 is a free download.

At ref. [1] it’s marked as “Updates and Patches” but Elektor has ‘inside information’ that it’s actually a full install version!

The download is about 140 MB. "


I am a teacher at => 

Tw of my students need to recompile Eric Gregory's (=>Freescale) Code for the "DigiButler kit" in order to extend the "Digibutle kit" firmware functionality.


The reference [1] as given in the file mentioned above does not land at freescale webpage any more.


Questions 1: is the page titeled "CodeWarrior for Microcontrollers (Classic IDE) - RS08/HC(S)08, ColdFire V1 v6.3 "


see link...


CodeWarrior for Microcontrollers-Classic IDE|Freescale


... the web site in order to donwload the ...


"CodeWarrior Development Studio for Coldfire Architectures, v. 6.3."


... as mentioned in the PDF-File?


Questions 2: If so, and having a look at web site ...



wich of the 13 files shall I download in order to get the CW IDE as needed for freescales MCU with part number "MCF52231"

(i.e. the MCU residing at the traget "Digibutle kit")?


Questions 3: Further more, we want to flash the target "Digibutle kit"(=> it supports a 26 pin Coldfire BDM port)  with the "USB-ML-UNIVERSAL"; this programmer device I've  ordered and (already) received from "P&E Microcumputer Systems, Inc." (=>

Will the "CodeWarrior for Microcontrollers (Classic IDE) - RS08/HC(S)08, ColdFire V1 v6.3 " support the "USB-ML-UNIVERSAL" programmer.


Thx for help in advance,

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