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CW2.7.3 - SC1400 - Linking against ROM

Discussion created by David Colby on Oct 15, 2007
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I have a program that is split into two parts: a ROM image and a RAM image that can 'patch' the ROM. I'd like to be able to set up a RAM code project that can link against the already ROMed code.

I currently can envision two potential ways of doing this:
1) Parse the ROM's resulting eld or map file to create a asm symbols file, and include the asm file in the RAM project.
2) Creative use of the .unit LCF directive to allow a single project to generate two eld files -- one for the RAM and one for the ROM.

The problem with #1, is having to create a custom utility to do this (maybe one already exists?).
The (possible) problem with #2, is that I'm not sure that I can guarentee a project rebuild would always locate the ROM symbols in the same place. The advantage with #2, is that I have the luxury of only maintaining one project, and don't have to import all of the ROM projects headers into the RAM project.

My question: has anybody ever tried to do something like this, or have any throughts on the above? Maybe there's a better way to do it.
I'm nervous about solution #2, for the reason mentioned above, and because I have not found very much documentation on .unit.


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